Alli, Mark, + Freya | Folsom Family Session

Alli and I have known each other since we were 10. I was an introvert who read Harry Potter during recess, and Alli was an extrovert who invited me to see the premiere of the first Harry Potter movie with her and her family 🤓 Since then we’ve experienced high highs and low lows together- and, of course, the premiere of every single Harry Potter movie!

And now we’ve both entered into another new season together: Motherhood. After two long years of not seeing each other due to international travel restrictions for COVID, I was finally able to meet the newest addition to her family. Freya is as sweet as she is cute, and I’m so excited for my own babe to build a friendship with her as they grow up!

The two of them really wanted their family session at Folsom Lake, so we traipsed around an area that was once full of purple Lupines and found the perfect spot!

Mark and Alli, your family session is one of the most special to my heart. Thank you for trusting me to capture this chapter for you! 💕